Roads & Bridges


Benton Ash
Road Manager
Office: 662-562-4647  Ext. 8
910 E. F. Hale Drive, Senatobia, MS 38668

                                                             Duties & Responsibilities

The Tate County Road Department is directed by the road manager. The road manager is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Benton Ash is the Tate County Road Manager. The Tate County Board of Supervisors communicates daily with him concerning the maintenance of roads, public right-of-ways, bridges and drainage in their district. 

The road department maintains more than 500 miles of roads and 92 bridges in the unincorporated areas of the county, providing the following services to the citizens of Tate County:

  • Responsible for adhering to Section 65-17-1 of the Mississippi State Code and all other policies set by the Tate County Board of Supervisors
  • Provide direction, general supervision, and training for all departmental employees engaged in construction, repair, and maintenance of roads, public right-of-ways, bridges, and drainage through subordinate road foremen.
  • Coordinates activities with other department heads, contractors, engineers, municipalities, and governmental agencies; discusses current and proposed county road projects, work problems, and procedures.
  • Responds and resolves citizen requests and complaints related to Road Department projects or programs by correspondence or in person.
  • Oversees for purchase and repair of equipment, machinery, supplies, materials, and services for the Road Department and submits to Procurement in accordance with purchasing regulations.
  • Prepares design specifications for inclusion in requests for bids for new and replacement equipment and submit to the Purchase Clerk.
  • Evaluates departmental organization, personnel distribution, and project requirements; ensures the most efficient and economic utilization of personnel, equipment, and property.
  • Enforce policies and procedures within the road department.
  • Oversees the inventory and maintains written records for inventory control and assets management purposes; compares inventories to office records and reports for accuracy.
  • Formulates and develops road plans (including 4-year plan) and assists the Board of Supervisors in implementing and drafting road policies.
  • Ensures timely services on all projects keeping with a scheduled timeline to provide an optimal completion date and constituent accommodation.
  • Communicates regularly with County constituents and handles all road complaints and inquiries with a professional demeanor to ensure a high level of constituent satisfaction.
  • Coordinates with external agencies such as the Mississippi Department of Transportation, Corps of Engineers, and National Resource Conservation Service to assure all state policies related to transportation, environmental laws, and regulations are followed and adhered to within the scope of special projects.
  • Assists in securing Right of Ways with legal staff.
  • Prepares the annual road and bridge budget and monitors the budget to ensure all purchases are within budgetary constraints.
  • Prepare safety training programs for the road department.