Human Resources/Payroll

Stephanie Huddleston HR Manager - Copy

Human Resources / Payroll Manager
Tate County Board of Supervisors
Office: 662-562-4647 ext 4
Fax:  662-562-7813
910 E. F. Hale Drive, Senatobia, MS 38668

The Human Resources Department(HR) is in charge of every aspect of the employee lifecycle overseeing various aspects of employment such as compliance with labor laws and employment standards, payroll, and benefits administration, organizing of employee files with required documents, some aspects of recruitment, FMLA(Family Medical Leave Act), policy, and procedure implementation, disciplinary consultations, and dispute mediation,  workers compensation, and employee grievances.

Top FAQ's
  • Do you have any job openings? When the Tate County Board of Supervisor has a vacant position, it will be advertised in various outlets such as Facebook, local newspapers, internal postings, and on the county's website. Posting will include what the position is, when, where, and how to apply as well as the closing date for the advertised position. However, if no positions are currently open and you wish to submit an application or resume, you may do so by submission at the County Administration Office.
  • How do I change my payroll tax deduction? Employees can make changes to their payroll taxes at any time throughout the year. Forms can be obtained and completed in human resources or you can download and print the most current federal W4 or Mississippi State withholding forms online. Forms must be received in HR the Friday prior to a payday for deductions to be made.
  • Can I change my insurance? Changes to an employee's insurance can only be made during an open enrollment period each year unless there is a qualifying event such as a birth or death, marriage or divorce, change in spouses coverage, or change in job status. Insurance changes must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event.
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