District 5 Supervisor

Daryl Ricks 
District 5 Supervisor
Office: 662-562-4647  Ext. 0
Hours: 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM Monday- Friday
910 E. F. Hale Drive, Senatobia, MS 38668


Daryl was raised in the Independence area and went to school at East Tate Elementary and Independence High School, graduating in 1981. He left for basic training in the US Army National Guard at Fort Jackson, SC the day after graduation. He spent the next 27 years in the National Guard and the Army Reserves, retiring as Sargent First Class in 2007. 

Daryl has been married to Susie Wilhite Ricks since he was 19 years old. Together, they have one son and one daughter, both married, and they have 4 granddaughters. 

Currently, Daryl is serving as the District 5 Supervisor. He enjoys researching and making decisions for this county that will help make Tate County an even better place to live and raise a family.

In addition, he is a partner in their family owned business, Ideas & Installations, which has been in operation since 1995.

During the past 40 years, he has been involved in several types of building and remodeling services in the residential, commercial hotel and hospitality industry. Their company has remodeled bathrooms and installed marble and granite in hotels across 41 states. Known for speed and quality of work made them one of the top businesses names shared by developers across the United States. This branch of the business was closed down after winning the election. He uses this time to dedicate to the people of Tate County. He leans on his experiences throughout these years to serve in county government. He, along with the other board members, are looking forward to great things in the future of Tate County.

Daryl Ricks’ Priorities – financial accountability, improving Tate County’s image, and Economic Development

Daryl’s experience as a solider and business owner have made accountability the number one priority during his service as District 5 Supervisor. Holding each department, each employee, and Tate County Government itself accountable for their actions and financial responsibility has been a daily task of Ricks’. Daryl’s work with the county leadership to examine where the money is spent and how each department can save money or improve services without raising taxes has proved to be beneficial for us all. Daryl helps with finding grant opportunities, helps research and recruit new service providers, and helps to ensure that each contract the county signs is the lowest and best price option. Transparency was a top goal of Ricks’. He has been instrumental in the development of policies to make sure the citizens of Tate County have access to all information and are continually informed on how their money is spent and what decisions are made. He is not only working to protect the citizens in his district, but each and every citizen in Tate County.

The image of Tate County has always been an area that we struggled with. Ricks’ has made it his mission to improve how outsiders view our county and to create a community that our residents are proud to call home. Ricks spends his time promoting the positive improvements and growing opportunities in Tate County. Daryl and his family are proud supporters of many local community events and programs. His goal is to make sure our roads are clean and inviting when visitors cross the county line. Tate County is growing, families are moving here, people are investing in businesses here and Daryl is proud to be part of that.

While Economic Development may not be a term that you use everyday, it is something that Daryl is focused on daily. He works closely with the Tate County Economic Development Foundation to ensure progress is happening and works with other county leadership as well as city officials to ensure that Tate County is prepared for the growth that is coming and that we are ready for the investors when they come calling. Daryl’s work on developing properties and having the infrastructure ready for them to move here, has helped place Tate County on the radar of state agencies who aid in industrial recruitment. Ricks’ broad view and forward thinking have helped place the county in great shape for future developments.

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