District 4 Supervisor

Billy Saunders (Vice President)
District 4 Supervisor
Office: 662-562-4647  Ext. 0
Hours: 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM Monday- Friday
910 E. F. Hale Drive, Senatobia, MS 38668


Billy Saunders was elected to the Tate County Board of Supervisors in 2011. He is currently serving his 3rd term on the board. He was selected as the Vice President of the Tate County Board of Supervisors in 2020. Saunders has spent his entire life in Loxahoma, MS. He is proud to serve the people of Tate County and he uses his life experiences to make improvements in our community daily. Billy has worked for Tate County since 1999, working within multiple departments and seeing first hand the needs for employees, the opportunities that our county government could improve on and learning many skills, he has proved vital to all our departments.

Billy Saunders has been married to Carol Saunders for over 35 years. They have three children. Kimberly who is a part of the Desoto County School System, Tina who works for Farm Bureau here in Tate County and Tony who is part of the team at Performance Automotive. They have 9 grandchildren. Their family has been proud to call Tate County home for over 65 years. He and his family are members of Loxahoma Baptist Church. Billy graduated from Independence High School and immediately went to work doing road construction. He then spent 20 years as a maintenance mechanic for Chromcraft. He joined the team at Tate County in 1999 as the Landfill Operator. He served in that role until he was asked to join the Road Department and serve District 4. Billy then served as the Solid Waste Enforcement Officer and while in that role he was asked to assist 911 in mapping and creating an address database. That means that Billy has studied and researched every inch of roads, streets, coves, and mailboxes in Tate County.

Saunders extensive knowledge of the roads, the interworking’s of multiple departments and his broad skill set have made him a great asset to the Board of Supervisors. He served as a Volunteer Fireman in Loxahoma for 31 years and was Chief for 6 years. Billy has gained the respect of not only the citizens in District 4, but from people all over Tate County. Saunders currently serves on the Nominating Committee with TVA. His work ethic, his determination and ability to work with multiple departments has helped progress Tate County. He works along side each and every department to make sure they have the tools they need to be successful and ensures that the jobs are completed correctly. Billy is never one to shy away from hard work whether that means at job site or at a board meeting. Saunders and his wealth of knowledge and experiences are often times a tool the Tate County Board of Supervisors relies heavily upon.


Billy Saunders’ Priorities-infrastructure improvements, save money to improve the tax rate, obtaining the proper tools, equipment and resources for county success

Billy has worked countless hours working on the roads, bridges, and pipes in Tate County. Infrastructure improvements have been a priority of this board since they were elected in 2020. Bridges, roads, pipes, and ditches have long been an area of concern in Tate County and Billy has made it his mission to help develop a plan to address each one. His experience on the road department has helped to guide the process that includes switching to the unit system, restructuring the road department and hiring a Road Manager. There is not one road in Tate County that Billy does not know.

As a life long citizen of Tate County, Billy has often heard and felt the scuffle of the tax rate in our county. He has worked diligently with each board member to save money, provide better services and ensure that tax payer money is spent appropriately. Saunders has proven time and time again to be a good steward of Tate County tax payer money. He, along with other county leadership have been able to lower the millage rate consecutively the last 3 years. Continually lowering the tax rate is a top priority for Saunders.

Billy has worked alongside supervisors and multiple department heads to ensure our county has the tools, equipment, resources and manpower to complete the tasks at hand. Billy understands the importance of having safe, dependable and efficient equipment. His research and experience has helped to save the county thousands of dollars and provided much needed equipment and tool upgrades for Tate County. County Employees are now equipped to tackle the projects that are being laid out in the Tate County Comprehensive Plan.


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